Seven Awesome tips of blogging


The term blog denotes an online diary on a web site that is frequently updated or it is a personal journal chronicling links at a web site that is intended for public viewing. Blogs provide an ample platform for displaying discrete chronological information on ones diary. Therefore, blogging in itself depicts the act of accessing an online diary on a web that has discrete chronological information. The below listed are some of the major blogging tips:

*First, one needs to know how to create a blog of his own, it is as easy as creating an email account where one entails his or details. For instance if one already has a Google account one can use it as to blog. After creating an account a page automatically comes that enables one to enter his personal data, upload his pictures or his videos. The account also provides an entry for other people’s comments. It is also advisable to keep your sentences short and precise wherever you blog.

*One should know reason why he/she wants to blog, for instance people may blog for business reasons, personal reasons such as socializing with friends and pals.

Monetize your blog to know the specific niche subject that suits your requirement.

*Choose a niche topic for the blog. When choosing the topic, it is important that one consider his or her own interest. No audience will be attracted to a topic that the author has no interest in. one need to know whether the topic chosen is one that will attract the audience over a long period of time. Thus as a blogger you ask your self whether the topic is popular or not, whether it is expanding or declining and whether you adequate content on the topic. There is need to consider if the topic can provide opportunities to generate income. For instance a topic on an entrepreneurial activity brings an entrepreneurial mood. The chosen topic should be one that will enable the owner to generate content over a long period of time. Commercial blog topics should be directly related to the commercial service offered or the product offered. The topic should directly link the product or the activity so that the consumer can have a quick clue.

*Look for a blog platform. Those sites that offer free blogging sites include Word press, Live Journal and Blogger. Word can enable one to host his or her own blog where they have much more control over the look and feel of the blog. It also enables one to use any template that she or he likes. Most importantly enables customization of ones own blog. However if one needs to make money with his blog site then Word Process is not the best for such an option this because so far Word do not accommodate affiliate advertising which is applicable for small businesses.

*The next important phase is choosing a domain for your blog. In choosing the domain, one should the topic of the domain, the intended audience, the tone and the voice it will be written in. having your own domain name enables to build credibility and a sense of professionalism around his or her own blog. A carefully selected domain name has the ability to enhance the branding of a product, service, business or even person.

*Choosing the blog tools. One of the most common blog tools is the Genesis frame work that enables one to quickly develop websites with Word Press. It also provides the secure and search-engine optimization that enhances the performance of Word Press.

*Ensure good content writing. In order to a have a good kill in content writing then uniqueness and usefulness should be embraced. For instance take a stance that is distinct from the rest of the product providers. A product such as a car on web site should be defined differently from any other car on any other website, for instance if the competitor emphasizes on speed, then we should not just emphasize on speed a lone but also comfort and all the aspects that can be attributed to the reliability of the car.

Readers yearn to read interesting and captivating blogs. Having consistent readers leads to referrals, which popularizes the blog, the ultimate goal of every blogger.

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